Janosik is available on Steam.

Few words about the game. It is an action adventure game with a retro feel and pixel graphics. To be more specific – it is metroidvania. Janosik is the main protagonist. Player has to help him to take back his companions. Game is fast, the controls are tight. You will experience precise platforming action, fights, exploration and lots of fun 🙂

Janosik is available on Steam.
Janosik story begins

So who is Janosik?

Janosik was legendary Slovak highlander robber. According to the legend, he robbed nobles and gave the loot to the poor. He is known as Slovakian’s Robin Hood.

“The name of Janosik will never perish”
Janosik shooting
Janosik and guard. Fight begins.

The game is absolutely free. I made the game because this is my hobby. It is a gift from the player to the players 🙂

 I hope you enjoy the game!

Where can you get it?

Game is available on GOG and STEAM:

Janosik speaks with local witch..